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Our Services

❀ Proxy shopper for Japanese site $4-$5 (per transaction)

✿Proxy shopper for Mercari/Rakuma $3 (per order including inspection )

✿Japan address rental $30 monthly

❀ Consolidator $5 (1-3 boxes)
✿Consolidator $10 (4 boxes or more)

📪for Mercari & Rakuma:
additional $3 will be charge for more than 20 up to 50 and another $5 for more than 50 up to 100 photo cards since repacking is needed.

* I will send everything that comes with the purchased items.
*mercari/rakuma payment invoice will be send out weekly.
*All items are charged at a conversion rate of ¥100 to 1 USD to cover conversion fees.

📪For Proxy Shopper

*2 payment stystem
-For Merchandise
_For Shipping internationally

*domestic shipping fee will be added to the total amount of the merchandise.

*Daiko means proxy in Japanese

📪For JP address rental:
I only have 5 slots a month.
With payment up front, invoice for the month rental will be send out via dm immediately regardless of your join date and then on the 1st of each month following their initial payment. Please let me know if you want to renew for the following month.

📪Payment will be on Paypal
* During payment choose G&S, please add International fee rate of 4.4% + $.30 (via online transaction) to cover the PayPal fee from the total amount.

*Let me know your country so I can check if shipping packages by ship or plane is available and estimation of shipping cost.

*I DON’T hold or reserve merch unless it’s the duration of pre-order. First pay first serve policy. if there’s a reason you are unable to complete the payment within the day you receive the PayPal link, Please give me a date you are able to do so after the given deadline and still unpaid it will be AUTOMATICALLY CANCELED, ask for availability before sending your money.

*NO Cancellation & Payments are NON-REFUNDABLE once I process your order unless it's out of stock.


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Other Services

❀ Proxy shopper for K-pop Goods or any Japanese online site

$4-$5 per transaction

✿Proxy shopper for Mercari/Rakuma

$3 per order including inspection

✿Japan address rental

$30 monthly

❀ Consolidator

$5 (1-3 boxes) | $10 (4 boxes or more)