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Proxy shopper for K-pop Goods or any Japanese online site

$4-$5 per transaction

Proxy shopper for Mercari/Rakuma

$3 per order including inspection

Japan address rental (monthly)

$30 monthly

Consolidator (1-3 boxes)


Consolidator (4 boxes or more)


Worldwide tracked shipping but due to Covid-19 delay may occur and Suspension of postal service is on going in some countries, please check the Japan Postal website if shipping packages via ship or plane is available.

*For US & Australia customers,

Currently Post Parcel Via Ship is the only available option.

*For North, South & Central America/ Africa /Oceania.

Most countries are on suspension so I recommend you to check the shipping availability first before purchasing.

*For Middle East customers. All shipping methods are suspended.

Order cut off is every Friday and will be ship out on Monday

(shipping dates changes depending on the holidays)

All updates regarding shipping will be posted on my

TW: @itsme_kojika

IG: @i_heart_rapline


☠️I am NOT liable for any damage/lost item AFTER parcel I sent out with or without tracking numbers, resulting from any deliberate act or during the transporting and/or delivery of the goods.

☠️I DONT hold or reserve merch unless its the duration of pre-order.

☠️Import duties/ custom taxes are NOT included. Taxes are paid by the buyers. Please refer to your local customs website for more information.

☠️If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us;


Twitter: @itsme_kojika

IG: @i_heart_rapline